Get Started - Woodsong Suzuki Violins, Boulder, CO
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What you need to start your violin lessons

To get you or your child started with lessons, the first thing to do is to call me:

Paul Rowinski 303-668-2872

We can discuss scheduling, cost, and get to know each other a little. For children, the next ting is to arrange with me to have your child measured for size – having a violin that’s thr right size is very important, expecially for beginners. Then you can rent or buy a violin. For children who are beginners, it usually makes sense to rent at first, and then buy an instrument later once a level of commitment is established.

Note: When I say violin, I also mean a bow and a case – they should all come together.

I have a small rental fleet myself, and HB Woodsongs at 3101 28th Street in Boulder has a good selection of rental instruments, as well as the books and accessories that you’ll need.

Violin in a case
In addition you’ll need:

  • Shoulder Rest: this helps the student to hold the violin properly. I recommend the Kun brand.
  • Suzuki Book 1 for Violin: and the CD that comes with it
  • A Notebook: the students who take notes most tend to do the best! Suzuki parents take notes at their children’s lessons
  • Practice Time: try to establish a daily routine and stick with it. Practice time varies between individuals. A good goal to shoot for is one-half to one hour daily, 5-6 days a week. Young children may practice for shorter times, especially at first. More serious students may practice for two or even three hours per day!